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Step-by-step guide to decluttering your wardrobe.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

If you’ve read my other blog ‘Where do I start?’ you may be thinking “Woah hang on I’ve only done my socks how do I conquer the rest?”.

Go back to basics... Why are you decluttering?

There are so many pros to it:

· Makes getting ready blissful.

· Saves you time every day.

· Allows you to see everything you own.

· Creates that much needed space.

· Recycles your clothing making you or charities money.

The list could go on. So why do you want/need to do it? What’s your motivation? If you need some added oomph read this.

Decluttering question time:

Once that is established let’s get going. Go through every piece and ask yourself:

Do I feel good in it? - If an item doesn’t, then what is the point in it? We should only have clothing that makes us feel good. Most of us have enough self -criticism for the nation let alone with a wardrobe full of clothing triggers. Think of the last time you wore it; did you feel confident? If it’s a no – ditch it.

Does it fit? No? – Toodles. If you’re keeping an item because “one day” it’ll fit then every time you open your wardrobe you’re reminded of your dislike of where your body is. We don’t need that reminder; we need fairies whispering sweet nothings into our ears about how ravishing we are. If you do loose the pounds then by gum I think a well-deserved splurge is in order!

Is it you? In the world of fashion what’s in today is gone tomorrow. If you’ve bought an item because it’s fashionable not because you actually love it, the likelihood is you’ll wear it twice and then leave it to be lonely. Not all items suit everyone, so buy what you love not what everyone else is wearing – be you!

When did you last wear it? Can’t remember – Goodbye. 4 years ago – Cheerio. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re unlikely to wear it this year.

Is it the money? Did you splash the cash and feel guilty letting it go? As if the grim reaper of bad decisions will get you for it? The fact is, that money left the bank the day you bought it. Keeping it in the wardrobe won’t bring it back. Two remedies: 1. Choose a charity close to your heart and donate it to them. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped a good cause. 2. If that's too painful then sell it. You’ll get some return on the purchase you’ve made.

Do you love it? If we buy things that we love then we will wear them over and over. If you’ve got a ‘maybe’ pile then you don’t love them. We don’t need clothing that is uninspiring. Be brave and remove.

If you’re holding onto something because it’s sentimental - that dress you wore on your first date, or a bridesmaid’s dress of a beloved friend, then hip hip hooray you’re a lovely human being. However, you’re not going to wear them so they don’t belong in your wardrobe but instead with your other sentimental items. So, create a box which you can put away and keep them safe in.

A good clear out is super satisfying so give it a go, you can do it! What to do with the excess here.

Please ask any questions and let me know how you get on; I’d love to hear about it. Bethany x

Still struggling?

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