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Simplify to reach your goals

“This year is the year”

“I’ll start everyday with green tea and a Hiit class”

“I’ll look like Gigi Hadid by summer”

“I'll read a book a week & learn the Argentine Tango”

Though unrealistic we all do it. Why? We all want the best out of ourselves and want to move forward which is not always a bad thing. However, making attainable goals can stop us feeling like an old tea towel when we don’t live up to the “new me” we’ve conjured up in our imagination.

I’m no phycologist but in the limited knowledge I do possess I know if things are organised and clutter free life becomes easier. If we can simplify everyday routines then we have more time and brain power to achieve said goals.

How can decluttering and organising help?

At the end of each year the majority of us have time off. It’s a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. It’s also time to get prepped for the year ahead. One of my top tips is to look at your surroundings and think on what you really need to succeed.

Whether that’s an excess of spare hoover parts or too many elastic bands it’s time to let go. We’re already in the mindset of new beginnings so the motivation is there. If we spend time removing the clutter we gain time in the everyday.

No more searching through your gym wear to find your favourite leggings – you know where they are because you disposed of the holey, tight ones, that ride up and are only left with the ones you love.

No more searching for your keys every morning in the fridge or under the sofa because you’ve created a space to keep them.

Healthier because your kitchen is a space you want to be in, you can find the lids to your tupperware and have all the blender parts together ready for that nutritious smoothie.

It’s the butterfly effect (sort of). The act of decluttering and organising means down the line, in the long run you gain time and head space, who doesn’t need that?

What are your goals? What steps will you put in place to achieve them?

Let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime and forever more spread lashings of love.

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