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Donate vs. Sell

So, you’ve done a sterling job and decluttered like a pro. You’ve stood back in awe at your very own transformation. You feel lighter already. Yet your hallway is now resembling a car boot sale. What to do with it all?

You’ve got two options. Donate or sell.

My preferred option is donating. Here’s why?


1. Its’ instant. My top tip is to get it all out the same day as you’ve decluttered. There is usually a charity shop nearby so bag it up and go. Do it en route to work, food shop or the school run. The boot is a perfect place for these bags to get cosy and before you know it, they’re sitting tenants so top tip no.2 keep at least one bag in the front with you so you don’t forget it. The feeling you get once you’ve donated all that stuff that was clogging up your home is a joyous one.

2. Charities generate more than £330 million surplus funds per year from their shops. This money can help themeducate kids on sustainability, do vital research into diseases, protect the vulnerable etc. Whatever it is that’s close to your heart – donate to that cause. This is a mutual interchange, a simple act that makes a difference.

3. Helping our poorly planet. All of us appreciate nature and yearn to be out in it. By donating your unwanted clothes you’re giving back. Charities resell or recycle 90% of donated clothing, saving those precious threads from the darkest of graves - landfill.

4. It helps the community too. Charity shops employ volunteers - all 234,000 of them in the UK. Not only does this teach people valuable skills to help get them back into the workplace but also improves mental health for many. Increasing self-confidence and reducing loneliness.


Maybe you’re thinking, but I could sell my items and get money back for what I’ve lost. Very true. There are so many awesome ways of selling your clothes, Ebay, Vinted, Depop etc. and it’s never been easier.

Be warned however:

1. Your unwanted items never leave the house and end up being a pile in your bedroom that plead: “Please give us a body to dress” whenever you clap eyes on them. Time goes by and you’ve lost the motivation to do it.

2. Maybe you’re super motivated and get on it straight away. Wonderful news. Often items take time to sell, meaning you’ve got the same scenario as numero 1.

3. Physiologically when we make money from selling clothes, we give ourselves the green light to buy more which could lead into a vicious circle. Top tip – spend it on an experience or on someone lovely.

A way to combine the two is using Thrift+. They sell your clothes, collect a fee, donate and give you a slice. Whichever you choose, you’ve helped yourself and the planet. You’re pretty much one of the avengers.

Let me know which camp you're in and how you get on. I'd love to hear from you.

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