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5 Organisational Must-Haves for your Kitchen

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home . We all naturally migrate to the kitchen or maybe that's just the fridge. Either way eating is a joy so why not make cooking one too with these 5 simple steps to create clarity in the kitchen.


Ideal for separating utensils, tea towels, tupperware. Pretty much any drawer in your kitchen will function better with these simple yet effective beauties.

No more stacking leading to scratching your favourite frying pan. Dividing up the saucepans and their beloved lids. This rack is fully adjustable to any size pan as the picture shows. Perfect for pots, pans, baking sheets and chopping boards. Stop stacking start racking.

One client called it "cinema seating for your chopped toms!" He was right! These tiered risers mean every can/jar is visible at a glance. Thriftier shopping and faster cooking.

You'll be calling yourself Monica Galetti before you can say cardamom. Arrange those flavourful spices in alphabetical order to create a havoc free cooking experience. It makes cooking such a joy and gives you that "aaah" feeling every time you open the drawer. There are many to choose from so match your interior style or hardware.

Oils, vinegars, tabasco and soy sauce all love to live on these merry go rounds. Shortcut your cooking. No more spills, empties or triplets. Not just for condiments, these are ideal for cleaning products, spices (if no room in a drawer) and any bottles that need easy access. Try not to sing "you spin me right round baby right round" when grabbing the olive oil.

These five have been tried and tested by us at Organised Home Company and we love using them at home and in our Bournemouth and Poole projects. Click on the links to start your organising today. We'd love to know how you get on, send us pictures and tell us what worked best for you. Happy organising!

Of course if you need a helping hand we are ready willing and able to assist.

Stay cosy!


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