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Decluttering - "Where do I start?"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We buy clothes to make us feel good – whether that’s comfortable, attractive or to stand out from the crowd. However, this accumulation of clothes can get out of hand. Before we know it, our wardrobes have to breath in to shut and your drawers wince every time you try and close them. The solution? Declutter.

Many people I speak to say “I just don’t know where to start”. If that’s you, have no fear.

Declutter in stages

Here’s my advice:

Set yourself a reasonable, attainable goal.

For example, if the idea of decluttering your entire clothing catalogue is overwhelming then just start small. Start with your socks (these are neither sentimental nor costly so a good place to begin). A sock drawer will take you maximum of ten minutes. Remove anything holey, odd or uncomfortable. Categorise by season, length or whatever works for you. Fold, contain and bingo. Once you’ve seen the results, you’ll stand back in awe of what you can easily achieve which will give you the motivation for the next task.

Decluttering tips and tricks

Most of us are short on time so instead of doing everything at once just do a section at a time. Do a category or drawer a day, by the end of the week you’ve decluttered your bedroom and feel like you’re walking on candyfloss clouds. For a step- by- step guide read this.

Need a hand?

Let me know how you get on, I'd love to hear from you. Bethany x

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2 Kommentare

11. Apr. 2022

Love the suggestions Bethany...I definitely give this a go. Sock draw here I come.

Gefällt mir

11. Apr. 2022

Love these tips! Definitely need to give my clothes drawers an overhaul...

Gefällt mir
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