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Reuse Refill & Reduce

When we install a pantry makeover, we love to use sustainable jars with beautiful labels not just because they transform and organise your kitchen with joyous elegance but also because it means you can kiss goodbye to plastic. How?

Drum roll please.. We have some very exciting news.

We are collaborating with the wonderful Almond & Co. We love our planet and supporting local businesses therefore rejoiced at the chance to work alongside Almond & Co our local plastic free refillable market.

What does this mean for you?

We all like choices and now you can enjoy tasty, organic and eco-friendly produce & products delivered to your home. Stock up your pantries and larders with better versions of your staples. Create a new healthy habit for your home by ditching the plastic and switching to refillable. From rice to shampoo the alternatives are ready and waiting for you.

How it works?

Here at Organised Home Company we can create a bespoke pantry of dreams just for you and your family. We’ll take an inventory of everything you use regularly then translate this into beautiful labelled jars of your choice.

For a hassle free life, Almond & Co will collect your jars, fill them up with organic, plastic free produce and deliver them back to your home.

As a thank you, you’ll receive 10% off the Almond & Co produce for your first fill.

The result, you’ll have a pantry full of produce that’s healthy for you and our planet. It’ll be easy to maintain, designed around how your family lives. When you’re running low just call up Almond & Co to arrange a collection/delivery.

It won’t cost the planet but will it cost the earth?

Here's an example:

Organic produce:


Almond & Co

Arborio rice



Jumbo oats



Red lentils



Cardamom pods



As you can see it's good value for organic. Make your difference a jar at a time.

Visit the gorgeous shop in the heart of Bournemouth & Poole at:

75 Poole Road




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