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Mindset Reset

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We all need a fresh start. Draw a line in the sand and begin with new vigour. Sometimes that can be the case with our home environment. A mindset reset can be supported by organising your home.

Professional organising how it works…

Sometimes all we need is a little help in the right direction. As a professional organiser my aim is to make your day to day living simpler therefore make your home feel like a haven.


At your consultation we will take a look at your space and how you live in it. Then see how together we can improve it; it may be a declutter or simple storage solutions to make it flow. This service is completly tailored to you. We’ll discuss what’s most important to you in that space, how your family use it and how you want it to feel.


From there I can create a plan of action. I’ll design your space using storage products that are most suitable, taking into account your own style and routines. Once the estimate and designs are approved, I can start shopping (the fun part) to create your own bespoke organised system.


Together we’ll navigate the decluttering process. Sorting into keep, donate or discard piles. I’ll take the donated items to a charity of your choice and take any rubbish away.


From there I’ll get busy making your organised dream a reality. This process is super satisfying. Each transformation is a joy, big or small.

Maintain & Enjoy

Lastly, we’ll give you a tour of your new organised space. Showing you how to maintain it and more importantly enjoy using it.


Not only is my kitchen now wonderfully aesthetically pleasing, it's also so much more practical for everyday cooking. Bethany created zones for different parts of my kitchen, and it is now easy to see everything that is in each cupboard at any one time, rather than having things stuffed anywhere and everywhere! I would definitely recommend OHCO, especially if you're moving things in to a new space, it means things start beautifully and that makes it much easier to keep it that way. Bethany was also professional and personable, an added bonus!" L.G

Bethany was so professional and friendly. I have been putting off clearing my wardrobe for many years and having her to sort it all out for me really took the whole stress out of it and was actually therapeutic! I can’t wait to get her back for all my other cupboards! Definitely recommend OHCO services!” E.R

“Bethany has totally transformed my kitchen into an organised, more stylish space - I love it! Each cupboard now looks great and it’s so much easier to clean and know when to replace food items. Thoroughly recommend OHCO!” C.J

To book your free consultation please get in touch.

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