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5 Steps to a Manageable Move

Moving home gives us a chance to reassess. While this is a real opportunity for positive change it can be stressful. Does moving have to cause sleepless nights and give you grey hairs?

At Organised Home Company we specialise in moving so you don’t have to worry. From decluttering to project management, we can assist you into a smoother move. That way you can keep your sanity and enjoy your new beginning.

Our 5 top tips on moving:

1. Number one and not to be underestimated… declutter. This is an ideal time to discard the unwanted and go into your new home feeling lighter. On average it takes between 3-6 months to move. So, get going the minute you’ve sold/found your ideal home. The best space to start are those infrequently used spaces such as your garage, basement or attic. These can often develop into dumping grounds so a good starting point without disrupting your home life. Once you’ve done those areas, move onto other areas of the home, yes even the cutlery drawer. You’ll be amazed at what you discover and impressed by what you simply don’t need. i.e. four can openers and three potato mashers is a bit excessive.

2. Now every item left in your home is a considered choice. This makes it a good time to get your removals quotes in. Choose three local well rated firms to come and survey your home. They’ll now be calculating every item you definitely want to keep, saving you money on your move. An unpacking service is additional so make sure to double check that it's something your chosen firm do and is included in your quote.

3. Get packing. You can either choose to pack yourselves or have the firm do it for you at an extra fee. Whichever you choose, a systematic packing system will help alleviate any stress at the unpacking stage. Again, start in the areas of the house that are infrequently used i.e. attic, guest suite, garage etc.

4. Labeling really goes a long way for reducing stress at the other end. Label which room it came from, which family member it belongs to and what’s contained within. Go for a sharpie instead of labels as they can easily come off during the move. If you’re feeling hyper organised you can colour code the boxes to each room of the house. Any excuse to buy stationary.

5. Unpacking… categorise, contain and maintain. When putting away your belongings try to keep categories together i.e. swimwear, gym wear, sweaters. Once it’s all gathered together, consider where it would best be suited in your home. How often will you use it? Frequently used items keep accessible. Infrequent items can be stored in those higher, harder to reach storage spaces. Start as you mean to go on in your home by making it maintainable. If you don’t get kicks out of folding your socks then create a system that works for you.

Life is busy so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming move then we can help with all the above areas. If you're loathing the thought of unpacking, book yourself a spa day and let us unpack for you. Please get in touch below and we can arrange a visit to assess where we can help.

I’d love to know what your moving experiences are in the comment box below.

Happy moving. OHCO xx

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